Aches and pains got you down?

Gabriel A. Weber, PT, Cert. MDT will get you moving again using a combination of patient education, manual therapy, and prescription exercise.

Gabriel is Charlotte County’s only Certified Therapist of the McKenzie Institute. The McKenzie Method is a proven way to empower you to control your pain, and allow you to do what you enjoy!

Gabriel grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and attended Universidad El Salvador for his Physical Therapy program. Upon graduation, he did his residency in A.L.P.I. the most prestigious rehabilitation teaching hospital in South America where he trained alongside Julio Sanchez, PT.

During his residency Gabriel obtained his credentials as PNF (proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) instructor and was appointed Assistant professor at the University of El Salvador.

Gabriel was always involved in the practice of sports and athletics with an interest in the discovery of human movement and performance. Due to his interest and drive he qualified to the position of PT of the Argentinian wheelchair basketball national team and participated in the qualifying games for Atlanta 1996.

In 1998, He moved to the US and started working as a PT for Bay Medical Center in Panama City Florida, and due to his extensive experience in the rehabilitation of Stroke patients, he was the appointed PT for the Stroke team.

Gabriel continued his pursue of knowledge and started his training with the McKenzie approach in 2000 in Atlanta, GA.

In 2004 he travelled to Rishikesh, India where he was part of an interdisciplinary team of health professionals and taught Physical Therapy for 6 weeks to the local University Students.

He opened Therapy One in Charlotte County in 2011 and has been in private practice since.

Gabriel obtained his certification in cardiac rehabilitation from the La Crosse University program and has been successfully helping patients with cardiac problems return to functional life.