The McKenzie method is a validated assessment method to quickly identify musculoskeletal disorders that respond rapidly to movements and postures. It focuses on patients’ abilities to treat themselves.

It is patient centered.

The therapist does not fix the patient, rather teaches and assists patients to fix themselves. The therapist does the detective work to understand the patient’s pain behavior, clues are collected during the repetitive movement examination and posture tests.

We can all make mistakes, diagnostic testing can be mistaken, but the patient’s symptoms will never make a mistake. The therapist will get to analyze their symptom behavior responses to different loads, strategies, and repetitive movement.

We look for a directional preference to decrease, centralize, and resolve the patients’ symptoms and, as a result of this, education to them becomes empowered to treat themselves.

Exercise, stabilization, stretching, mobilizations, and manipulations. All of these are tools!

Mechanical diagnosis and treatment is the bag that carries the tools. MDT is a reliable filter to assist the clinician to determine which is the best tool to resolve the condition.

MDT empowers the patient to actively resolve the condition rather than to rely on passive management strategies.